Nero Vision Express (Nero7) won't export mp3 audio .avi

I sure hope that someone here can help me with this ongoing problem. Ever since upgrading to Nero 7, whenever I choose custom export in NVE, underneath the audio decompressor dropdown, there doesn’t seem to be an viable choices.

All I see:
AC3 ACM Decompressor (from K-Lite)
DSP Group TrueSpeech
GSM 6.10
Microsoft ADPCM
Microsoft G.723.1

Shouldn’t I be seeing Frauhhoffer MP3 here, and possibly others that I have installed (Lame for instance)? Are any of the above worthwhile? I really just want good compressor type of codec where I can choose bitrate and maybe AC3 5.1 (like AutoGK). I see everything in VirtualDub and also I see mp3 in Nero 6. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Mmm this is an old topic but i’ve got the same problem, no nice audio codecs to choose from. So i tried different ways to install Lame (DirectShow) filters, still don’t work.
Anybody got a way to get Nero Vision to use some nice codecs (mp3, lame, ac3 … ??) ? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the same thing…anyone have a fix for this?

update, I installed the lame codec and set it to be priority 5 (in Sounds and Audio devices under audio codecs) and it appeared! however my videos don’t even play when i encode with lame and nero vision lol. Anyone have a fix?

Download Virtualdub

Converts video into any codec you have and its simple to use!

im having the same problem with missing audio-codecs in Nero Vision.

Does anyone have a clue now how to fix this?
All my tries didn’t solve anything :frowning:


You could choose “no compression” which will give you a much larger file (50% bigger maybe) than if you had used mp3 audio.

Then if your output is Xvid or Divx, you could convert the audio portion using VirtualDubmod. Be sure to mark VIDEO->DIRECT STREAM COPY. That way the video will not be processed, and if you forget to mark “direct stream copy” for the video you will likely end up with uncompressed video, giving you a file of possibly several Gigabytes or more.

You may have to install LAME Audio as well.
Once installed:

Open video that you processed with Nerovision with virtualdubmod.

VIDEO -> Direct Stream Copy

For the audio go to the header STREAMS

(Right click on first stream)
(Right click again on stream)
(Choose Lame Mp3 on the left)
(Select audio format on the right - e.g. 128kbs CBR)

FILE - SAVE AS (give it a new file name)

That should convert the audio portion only and leave the video alone (remember to select Direct Stream Copy for the VIDEO).

Okay, you have to convert the video first using Nerovision, and then the audio second using Virtualdubmod.

Alternatively, you could use AutoGk instead to process both the video and audio.

I have a similar problem. When I export audio, it works most of the time but on some audio clips, it cuts out, leaving a chunk missing. In each case, I have re-exported and it cuts out in the same portions! So it’s consistent. What’s causing this and what can I do. Because I have Nero 8, it’s so old that Nero no longer supports it.

Mike, at the end of Nero 6’s retail life, Ahead lost their licenses for their MP3 filters. They were required to issue a patch that stripped those out of existing Nero 6 installations, and forced everyone to purchase a new MP3 license separately ($10-15 - not much, but what a pain!), and for each version after that (7, 8…) I think the same add-in was a separate on-line purchase and install.

However… I’m not sure this was allow even intermittent success like you describe, but rather ‘constant failure’. This is one of those awful traps where you’ve got something useful-to-you but no longer supported.

Perhaps we can keep bumping this up and some Nero 8 VisionExpress user will drop by for a better clue.

I’m exporting in .WAV format, not .MP3.

Try the conversion with Audacity. If you set it up correctly with the ffmpeg & LAME libraries for Audacity it will do the audio of a lot of video files.