Nero Vision Express Help Please



hi, ive tried making over 10 dvd’s with nero vision express newest versions and previous and 50% of the time the dvd comes out wrong… meaning the sound is in realtime though the actual video is in like fast foward mode… so you can watch a 30 min video and the actual video finishes in 3 minutes (as if it is in fast foward mode) though the sound keeps going at normal rate…
i have wasted approx 10 dvds trying this and now have reverted to using dvd-rw… im using a p4 2.4g with a pionner ao8 burner…and just updated to the new version of nero vision express…

Any help will be much appreciated… Thanks heaps in advanced…


My NVE hasn’t worked right since January…

And Nero isn’t talking. Time to try something else, because they won’t be responding to you. :frowning:


Which version of nve3 is that? Are you transcoding files or recoding dvd’s? The newest version of nve3 is


The problem seems to be with the transcoding part. For some reason NVE doesn’t seem to handle the source files’ frame rate in this case. I would try converting them to uncompressed AVI before compiling the video project in NVE.


Hi estyleguy,
I agree with you. I’ve the same problems and the same experience with nero: they don’t answer!
I checked version 2 and 3 and with both version it happened!
But it only happened if you choose the two times encoding method!
If I choose only one time encoding it works with me - but in a little bad quality…
I can’t understand who can nero brought out this software with such a main bug :frowning: