Nero Vision Express has no dropdown menus

I have installed Nero 7 with Vision Express 4 (several times actually, used the cleantools and reinstalled even).

My problem is in Vision Express I get the main menu (with the little triangles next to ‘Make CD’ ‘Make DVD’ ‘Make Slideshow’ where you should be able to select the heading and get a dropdown menu of choices however I have no dropdown menu’s. (Thus can’t even get past the first page)

Any ideas?

Chances are %99 that you are not using Nero valid key in your installation of Nero 7. Try to have and use valid key.

I’ve uninstalled everything and reinstalled my fully licensed Nero 6 that I have the original key for. And it now has the SAME problem.
NO DROP DOWN MENU OPTIONS. What can be causing this??

Please help!

The do the following:

  1. Remove your present Nero program (6 or 7 version) using Nero Clean Tools.
  2. Go to the registry and delete any ahead or Nero folder from both HKEY_CURRENT_USER & HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  3. Go to C:\All Program and delete Ahead or Nero Folder
  4. Go to C:\Document and Setting|userName|LocalSetting\Temp and delete the ahead or Nero folder or even delete complete Temp folder all together.
    Reboote your computer install Nero 6 (since you have valid key for it) and that like solves your problem.

Good Luck