Nero Vision Express does not show "Make DVD..."

I have a OEM licensee

Nero 6 upgrated to the latest versions ( It works fine with DVD too.

But NeroVision Express 3 does not show “Make DVD…” menu option.
The first menu option is “Make CD…”

Where is the problem ?

thanks in advance

did anyone find out why or what’s causing it? i am also experiencing the same problem!!!

ive had that same problem and i found out it was because i tried to stick in a nero plugin pack i believe it was called ahead nero mega plugin pack
anyway it did the same to me as has you
For me to fix my issue i had to uninstall everything and reinstall without using the plugin pack and all was good

A full license or the dvd-video plugin should solve the problem.

I have the same problem. The option just disappeared suddenly, i used it last night too. Nero gave me this message when I tried to open a DVD project
"No DVD compatible recorder detected.

You can enable DVD based projects by checking the option ‘Enable Image Recorder for all supported media types’ in the application preferences."

Now the “Make DVD” is back but the only thing missing is the editable DVD option. i never used it anyway though. you ahve to make a dvd image and then use regular nero (or another image-buring app to get it onto disc)

This problem surfaced when you don’t have proper product key for the Nero version you are using.

DacOre, which version were you using that you uninstalled and reinstalled to get it working again? Also, did you use the cleaner or just uninstall?