Nero Vision Express audio plugins?

aside from PCM and AC3 is there any other format you can encode audio in with vision express? PCM is too large sometimes to be usefull, AC3 is great but I have some problems with it in my dvd player so I’d like to know if I can get any plugins that would allow me to encode in a different format or is this all the choices there is for vision express?


What format are you converting from and to? TmpencPlus allows you to convert from divx to mpeg and you can use Mpeg-1 layer2 audio CBR or VBR.

I know, I’m using tmpgenc right now to convert the xvids but it takes 12hrs to do a 3hr video where as nero can do it in 5hrs which is great, its too bad my dvd player has problems with AC3 it plays them but then looses audio when I skip chapters or FF… go figure, when I play them on my PC it plays perfectly