Nero Vision Express 3 transcode problem

Hi, i’m new to this forum but i have a quick question.

I’ve been searching through these pages and i can’t seem to find the correct answer, so i’m juss gonna ask anyway.

Recently I bought a new laptop by HP and i installed Nero Ultra Edition (I had this on my desktop for a year and it worked perfectly). However, i tried burning a DVD movie the other day and it seemed to stall halfway through it’s process. Unfortunately, the “ABORT” button at the bottom right hand corner did not work and neither did any of the other functions. (I usually burn DVD movies with an external driver on my desktop, but i decided to try my laptop to burn movies this time). I had to stop the Nerovision Express process by using “CTRL ALT DEL”.

I read on this forum to try to “write the file to the hard disk”, and to no avail, nero continues to stop at the same exact place (cause same movie). Now that must mean it’s not the burner’s fault, but the actual program itself transcoding. The funny thing about this is that i had absolutely no problems with my external DVD burner for my desktop doing these functions; it worked perfectly. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.