Nero vision express 3 problems


I’ve been using nero vision express to create dvds out of avi files, I recently formatted my pc and re-installed nero, now when I try to create a dvd, I have problems, I can select one avi file and get the picture of it on the menu as normal, if I try to select another file or several in one go, nero freezes up and then crashes.

any help?

I suggest uninstalling Nero and then re-installing a fresh copy.

I had given up on nero vision express for similar reasons but later realized it was the avi files that were the problem. Try diffrent files to see if that helps. One other thing that seems to indicate problems with the files is if windows explorer (my computer) can make thumbnails of it. When viewing the files under windows, click view and change it to thumbnails. It seems that most of the time when I have a problamatic file, windows is unable to create a thumbnail for it. I’m not sure if the problem is a particular format of avi that nero doesn’t like or doesn’t have a codex for or what. Thats just something you can check out anyway. I wouldn’t want you to have the same experience as me. I gave up on it but later realized that most of my avi files worked just fine. Something kind of strange was that with the problamatic files, even though I got it to work using other programs, I never managed to produce output that was anywhere near good (with the problamatic files only).

I’ve reinstalled nero several times and keep getting the same problem.

do any other programs work similar to nero vision express, IE letting me create a menu from jpegs and using mp3 on the menu?

The few I have tried do not have all the capabilities of nero with the menus but here are some programs that are similar. Thier are of course plenty that I havent tried (I would imagine that thier are others with good menu building functions.
You can also do it the hard way (using several diffrent programs and doing it step by step). The results are suposed to be beter but thier is a lot more to learn. Look here for guides on how to do that.
Just click the type of conversion you want to do (like avi to dvd or xvid to dvd) in the format conversion box and click search or list guides.

When you uninstalled Nero, did you use these cleaning tools?

I’m not an expert but I’ve read elsewhere that it is a must to do a proper reinstall. :cool: