Nero Vision Express 3 (latest) hangs...why?

I am trying to create a DVD from differente mpgs and avis that Ive got using Nero Express 3. I was able to do one small dvd (only 1 file as a test) then Ive been trying to burn the real one with many videos but it will hang near the end before the burning process begins…any thoughts why? Last time I opened the program it gave me some message about this program needing some indigo stuff…

Indigo stuff?

Do you have an error log?

Note: becareful when posting your error log because it may contain your name and serial number.

I too have the same problem, no error messages and nothing in the logs. It just finishes the transcoding but stops at burning (regardless of using the image recorder or the normal burner) and the timer just keeps counting forever.

I am using v3.1.0.11 as I find later versions much slower at transcoding.

Check if the problem is related to a particular file or not. If it is, you may be able to ‘fix’ the file by ‘converting’ it. I have found converting from an AVI to an AVI can sort things out. Google for something that suits you. Also, setting NVE to high priority and waiting (usually a few minutes does it here) does the trick.