Nero Vision Express 3 crashes with no msg



Using Nero Vision Express, I have spent a week putting together a DVD with 3 slide shows and a movie. All of a sudden NVE now crashes without warning. I have tried moving pictures around, copy/paste to new chapter, doing a binary search to identify the problem slide, all to no avail. The problem moves position when I change transition types or times.

It seems my .nve file is corrupt. Any suggestions as to how to recover my project?


:a There must be a bug in NVE I am using random transitions between slides. When I change all transitions to Crossfade, it works fine. If I set them back to random, it crashes.

Is there any tech support from Nero listening?


Are you using or Maybe the “a” version will help your problem.


I know most of you have moved on, but I wanted to provide the solution that worked for me with Vision Express 3. The problem was that the program would crash as soon as it began to transcode, and just disappear. Most times I would have to stop the process in the Task Manager.

On a fresh install of the OS I was still having the problem. I tried numerous codec packs and nothing seemed to work. Here is what I did to get it working:

Uninstalled all codec packs
Cleaned registry with ccleaner
Clean registry again with ccleaner
Install Combined Community Codec Pack
Install AC3 Filter


For me, the next time I started NVE3, put the file in, bingo! Started recoding and has not stopped as of this writing. Yippee! Hope this helps someone else.


Its easy to find out the problem by checking the logfile…