Nero Vision Express 3 and Import Disc Problem

Howdy All!

I am a real newbie. I have been reading Nero threads here most of the day and it appears this certainly is the place to get help. I have heard nothing from Nero so far.

I am trying to make a DVD slide show with Nero Vision Express My operating system is Windows XP - home ed.

Because of the number of photos, my slide show will have 2 titles. I made the second title and burned it to a DVD. I then made and saved my first title.

When I import the disc to add the second title to the first, the photos appear fine but the audio sounds like it is in slow-mo in the second title. All the audio are mp3’s. That DVD plays great in my DVD player but I cannot seem to import it without it getting jumbled.

Also, the first mp3 in the first title plays fine in other programs but does not start at the beginning of the song all the time when playing the slide show in the edit portion of the program. Sometimes it does but most of the time, it does not. The rest of the first title plays fine even after disc imported.

I sure hope someone can help. Very frustrating. :confused:

try creating both titles one after another - eg., create slideshow title 1/next/make slideshow. create slideshow 2. then make menu.

also use the MORE option. try setting display and transitions times smae for both titles