Nero vision express



i have just installed the very latest nve3 and find that when i add new title to create a video dvd, and go to next screen it stops responding.i had same problem with last nero vison. but it corrected itself somehow…is there any known issues with this happening to other members i am running nvidia mx400 video card with xp athlon2500…regards steve


Thats a very tough question to answer. Thier are many thing that could be wrong. If it completly stops responding, you might want to consider going back to an older version (changing versions has fixed the problem for some). Some have even gone back to nero vision 2.??? Try diffrent media files from a diffrent source. I had given up on nero vision as not working but later stumbled on the fact that it was only a few files that would not work (I had only tried a few files because it takes so long to transcode and theirfor see if it works). Now that I realized that it is working, I have transcoded nearlly 100 files in the last week or so with no problems and most are coming out great (a few files would cause it to freeze though, not sure why).
Thier is a forum here specifically for nero
Also, here is a long thread on another forum discussing nero vision problems in detail (with support from a nero rep)

Hope that helps some.