Nero vision express 2 newbie help

My name is Marc (vinniereno is my all-purpose user name) and I’m trying to burn VCD’s of home movies of my kids.
Everything seemed to go fine, I reformatted each clip in the edit program and exported ‘VCD compatible files’ which I used for the layout.
I put the completed disc in my VCD compatible DVD player and I get the menu page with the thumbnails, but, I can’t select any to play.
nothing is highlighted and nothing will highlight.
any ideas?
thanks in advance!

Hope this helps.

ok, the problem is that the vcd menus dont work in dvd players, atually they onlz work in the nero showtime or nero mediaplayer programs, you wont be able to make working vcd menus with nero, i dont know about other programs, where the menu selection wizard (where you create the menu) there should be a option to disable the menus, then youll just have to use the chapter forward/back buttons on the remote, not quite as pretty, but works :), if any more problems you can email me but i prefer using the forum, ben :smiley:

Thanks Ben,
I thought it was too good to be true, the flashy menu screen.
I found a way to get around it, thanks, you’ve put me on the right track!

ok, may i ask what what way you found to get around it, was it just the removal of menus or did you find anouther program that makes succesfull vcd menus, if so post back and et me know wich one, thanks, ben :smiley:

It wasn’t the removal of the menu, I haven’t figured that out yet,in the ‘create menu’ window in the ‘More’ dropdown there is a dropdown box ‘Start Playback with’ that lets you select what to play first, clip or menu, and another ‘When finished playing a title’
to select what to play next, next title or menu.

ah yes, so it shows the menu at the end of the film