Nero vision express 2 help

Hi all,
I have the full suite of nero 6 and they’re all upto date (latest versions). I have a problem when trying to compile or make a dvd with nero vision express 2. It tells me that I have to purchase the mpeg2 plugin, which I already have…as far as I know.
If I do have it how can I check or activate it? This is driving me mad.
Pete :frowning:

I am having the same problem with some of the other plug-ins… I believe for the Mpeg2 plug in I solved that issue by adding the plug-in file to the “Nero” folder that is in the main installation folder.

I am having issues with the program not finding these plug-ins:

  1. If I select “DVD Video Movies to Nero Digital” it will not open and lists these plug-ins as needed:

Dolby Digital 5.1
Dolby Digital 2-Channel

  1. In Nero Vision Express, when I try to add a VOB it wants this plug-in:

Dolby Digital 2-Channel

I have a folder with plug-ins that was created when I installed Nero 6. It is under:

Program files/Fichiers/communs/Ahead/Audio Plugins

Inside this folder are about 34 plug-in files (Aac.dll, aacenc32.dll, Aiff.dll, Defcpnvertor.dll, etc.). There also seems to be a few plugins in the “Nero” folder.

The bottom line is that I think I have some but not all of the required plug-ins. Seems I am missing these 2 Dolby plug-ins.
Does anyone know where to get the 2 Dolby files I need, what they are named, and which directory they are supposed to reside in?