Nero Vision Express 2 Hang During Transcoding

Nero Vision Express 2 Hangs During Transcoding

I downloaded an evaluation version of the whole Nero suite on 10-OCT-04. I read the Spazmogen procedure ( on PAL to NTSC conversion and thought I would give it a try. My goal is converting a PAL DVD to a NTSC DVD. I follow the cited procedure but Nero Vision Express 2 just stops without an error message during the long transcoding phase. The progress counter still ticks but progress stops growing. CPU usage goes to zero. The Abort button does nothing. I have to stop the process. I could not find any logs for a clue. Anyone have ideas?

I have XP SP2. I also have Roxio 6 (without drag to disc installed), DVX X
Copy (latest), and DVDXCopy Platinum (latest).

I have exactly the same problem, NE worked fine a week ago.
I am using XP SP1. I recently cleared out a lot of invalid registry entries, and stopped most programs from running on startup though. Hmmm.

Have you found a solution to your problem? I had the same problem also, and posted to various Nero boards and even Nero tech support without a good answer.

I upgraded to newest VisionExpress last week, and now it’s worse - it won’t even load my video files (it just exits silently)!

I too have the same problem, no error messages and nothing in the logs. It just finishes the transcoding but stops at burning (regardless of using the image recorder or the normal burner) and the timer just keeps counting forever.

update to NVE 3x

Such an old, but common problem. Im using Nero Vision Express 4. On one computer, Nero Vision Express would get about 10 percent into the transcoding when creating a Video slide show (DVD), so I copied all files to a second machine, and got to about 98% dont into the burning process (burning to image recorder, not disk) and the program just stops progressing.

as mention by previous posted, the counter continues to run forever apparently, but no progress, and no response from the abort button. Also have to kill the process.

Sorry to use my first post as a nag. Did anyone find a solution to this problem. I was hoping to do the opposite of halarmstrong. NTSC to PAL. I thought I’d test out the software I had (Vision Express 2) but the first attempt got me the same problem.

Eyeless in Gara: I’m guessing it’s not free to update to Vision Express 3.

Sorry once again for using my first post as a nag and bump.

I have the exact same problem. But its not just nero, none of my dvd creator softwares will work.

I had the same problem with Nero 6/Nerovision Express SE. Everything worked fine, I created several projects. Then suddenly the transcoding wouldn’t start anymore, and clicking abort did nothing. The window would just sit there. I had to kill the process to close it. I tried recreating the project, burning to disk, burning to image, but nothing changed. It would say 2hr remaining and 2hrs later there was still 2hrs remaining with no progress.

I finally upgraded to and it seems to work now. The update is:

or at: