Nero Vision Express B



When I got my external BenQ 162I burner the program Sonic was enclosed and there was a problem with it and so their customer support sent me an OEM Nero Version Express to install after I uninstalled Sonic and did a Reg Supreme clean.

The support also sent me the exe. for the Book Management Program so that I can always burn in dvd-rom. I was told to put it on the desk top and open it and minimize it to the task bar as it is set for dvd rom for disc that I am burning.

Then I read in the Post of June 24:

“Question about DVD+R DL Being Playable on home dvd player.”

a post by Rapid Fire, where it was indicated in Nero to hit the “burn button” you’ll see in nero express bottom left corner “book type” settings or in Nero Burning Rom under Option, choose recorders, there you’ll find the same options just change to dvd rom."

i was wondering if this is in my Nero Vision Express B. Right now I have Smart Start set up and didn’t know if the program that is referred to here in Rapid Fire’s post is in my Nero.

I am so new to all of this that I was afraid to insert my disc into my notebook burner in case in started down loading all over again overtop of what I have or will it simply give me a list of what is on the disc and I should be looking for either Nero express with the “book type” option or Nero Burning ROM and an option for dvd rom.
If it is there then I would not have to keep opening the BenQ Book Management program and minimizing it to my task bar which they told me to do.
The Customer would not know that Nero comes with this option as BenQ included the Sonic Program originally with my Burner as software.

Then they had so many problems with the software they sent their customers this OEM Nero.

I hope that someone can advise.



:bow: I am still hoping for a reply on this as I am a Noob and am uncertain when I install the Nero disc whether it will list out the contents or star downloading. I really just want to see what is on the disc,
Cheers :bigsmile:


You should be able to put the disk back in. If autorun tries to start the install, you should have a choice to answer yes(or make selection) to install, or cancel the installation. Then just go to mycomputer, and select the drive and doubleclick to list the contents. If you are really concerned, just turn off the autorun feature on your drive.


Get this

Click on the Nero add and check it out.


Thankyou for the responses, I just clicked on the link and got the message "not available???’

Any ideas?



Thats odd. It was just working. Try going to and do a search for Nero software if it doesn’t show up on the first page.