Nero Vision double time



well i’ve used nero vision for a looong time now no problems before, all of a sudden it’s taking double the time for transcoding, a 2-pass usually took 2hrs give or take, now its about 5hr or more. Why? anything i can fix here?


What has changed? Different media? More programs running in background? Windows Updates?


did a format of the hard drive and re-install
but thats never affected it before


You reformatted, and reinstalled! Have you downloaded all of the updates for all the softwares that you had. For instance, if I installed Windows last year, I would have had many, many updates over that time. It takes time to get them all downloaded and updated again… Same for other programs… Check your hardware config in Control Panel and make sure that DMA is set properly, and that no devices are showing problems.


updates are good, and DMA is set properly no devices functioning improperly, lol wierd , went back to using WinAVi + IMGburn no problems, but still don’t understand Nero’s issue