Nero Vision - constant audio lag and more



Hey guys
i’ve been using nero vision to create all my dvds(using all the shows i download,all avi files)
And i’ve not had many problems really until i decided to upgrade to nero 7 premium.i have updated all the divx and xvid codecs thinking they may have something to do with it but in recent weeks a lot(if not all) of my files will have enormous audio lag or the visuals look like they’re in slow mo and the audio is normal.its really annoying and i thought it might of just been the files…so i played them all in nero showtime and the problem was still there…but they all worked fine when i played them in powerdvd.
So i updated nero as much as i could but it hasn’t helped.
is there maybe another codec i can use or maybe a different encoder?

I like nero cause its so simple and i can add more then one avi files to a dvd compilation.i just don’t know what else i can do to fix this problem

any help will be really appreciated


Hi,Im having EXACTLY the same problem as you.I thought it was everything from bad media to virus’s blah - blah and i ended up thinking it was xvid files until after testing about 5 i had one work.It started with nero vision and then eventually i noticed it showtime yet Wmp plays them fine.I am DESPARATE for a solution and have tried allsorts of different despairing ideas to try and solve it but nothing.
Have you cured it yet? Ive googled and googled some more but its quite a vague issue and could be ANYTHING!!! I myself would appreciate some feedbackl on this one but given the lack of replies i cant help but think were on our own.HELP! (please).


This has been an ongoing issue going back quite a few versions in the Nero 7.x family. I have not yet found a solution and have resorted to transferring the AVI files to my laptop and connecting it directly to my TV and watching them that way.

Hopefully Nero will iron this out, but given how long the issue has been going on unresolved, I’m not holding my breath.


Check out the thread " Audio Sync prob Nero Vision Exp"


I’ve had problem play any kind of DVD and also burning DVD’s with Nero. I paid almost $70.00 to purchase the Latest Nero Ultra and it’s ULTRA CRAP!!!
I gave up and I’m in the middle of getting my money back.