Nero vision background size

Hi all - I am using Nero8 (nero vision) to burn DVD’s which I have made. I am using my own ‘background’ image’s (picture file) when creating my DVD but I have no idea how to ‘re-size’ my images so that they fit into the ‘safe area’.
Does anybody know how to re-size the images that I use so that the whole picture fits inside the ‘safe area’???

:bow: kudo’s to any one that can help …

[B]I need help on the same thing too. Sorry don’t know of any solutions. But i will stick around :)[/B]

I found this post:

Hope it helps you.
(Look at the last post on there)

Hey you should try asking this guy here:
He will probably solve your problem.
I have already asked him this question, and am waiting for a reply.

It says to download the sample images to see if they help, but I’m unable to download them until I make two posts. Are there just simple dimensions?