Nero Vision: AVI --> DVD unreadable


I am using Nero already many years, have never had problems, till now.
I was cleaning up the PC and burning some AVI type movies to DVD. Everything went great. Till a few days ago. In trying to burn a 718 MByte AVI to disk, I got the message that the file size was exceeding 4.7 GByte, and if I wanted the transcoding to reduce quality. I canceled and instead tried to reduce the size by removing the menu. This decreased the size a tiny bit, so I went through all settings, changed output format to PAL (I never set this before), and accepted to reduce the quality.
Result: a DVD which the DVD player can not read. When I insert the DVD in my DVD writer, the DVD drive changes to CD drive, but the PC can not read the disk either. I then tried to burn a couple of smaller AVIs. Same result. A DVD which is unreadable by DVD player and PC.
Can someone please tell me where I messed up? How do I get to write good DVDs again?

Thanks for your help.
Regards, George

By the way, I use Nero Ultra 7.9, Nero Vision 4


In Nero 6 you can manually adjust the bitrate rather than use the presets. That way you can get an exact fit. Look under More and Video then set to ‘Custom’. Then look for the bitrate. ‘Standard’ defaults to 5073 (less than 2 hours). I assume Nero 7 has the same option.

Also note it’s always about the [B]running time[/B], not the size of the original source.

Thank you for your reply.
I tried to burn a few more DVDs, but all end up with the same result.
These are the settings I have:
In Nerovision I add the avi. Duration is 1:42 hr (NV shows me the transcoded size is about 4 Gig).
Under More, General tab:
I select a PAL format (e.g. Austria, but shouldn’t matter)
DVD Video tab: all settings at automatic, 1 pass encoding

In the next window (after pressing Next) I select only a Title Window (no menus).
I press next till I come to the Burn window. Asking details for the compilation, I do, as you mentioned, the standard bps of 5073.
The burning process finishes without errors, only … DVD player and PC can not play the DVD.

I was thinking about deleting all info which NeroVison has written to disk, but when I go look in Application Data/Ahead/Nerovision, I only see an xml file and a bunch of .bin files. Would it be safe to erase this whole Nerovision folder, hoping that I get back to the situation before these problems started occurring?

When I insert the disk in the DVD writer, the label changes from “DVD” to “CD”. What does that mean? What determines in Win XP Pro if a disk is considered as a CD or as a DVD?

An answer to this question maybe says more about the cause of the problem.