Nero Vision - Audio quality tied to Video Quality?

I’m trying to get a PAL AC/DC concert recoded to NTSC, but since theres no good menu recoding tool, I’ve learned that you basically use nerovision.

The problem is, the automated quality setting drowns out the guitar, and frankly, makes the songs crap. I just noticed by burning one song segment with “highest” quality and 5.1 audio settings in the options, that the audio came through like it did on the computer. Problem is, to make the entire dvd like that costs 9GB!

So why is the audio tied to the video quality? All my automated (fit-to-disc) burns dont record the sound properly. The video isnt nearly as important as the sound in this case. What are my options?

anyone? dang…

Try using Nero Recode to shink the whole DVD first, then use Nerovision to convert only the feature video. The audio should be maintained at original quality while the video is reduced.