Nero Vision audio problems

I have collected several video files of varing formats (.mov, .wmv, .vob, .avi) and want to burn them onto a DVD that will work on a stand alone dvd player. When I use Nero Vision the program has no issue transcoding and burning these files onto a DVD. But for what ever reason the sound level of the video clips can be quite dramatic :sad: . Each video clip on my PC when viewed in there original format sound about the same. The order in which the files are arranged on the disk doesn’t seem to matter.

Any ideas on how to correct this issue?

NOTE: I need each video clip to remain as HQ as possible. The original source of most clips like the .mov files are presented in HD.

Try using a real video encoding software. There are many to choose from. Many of the decent ones allow you to adjust the audio levels. It also could be the audio format you are using. You should be using AC 3, or 5.1 sound options.