Nero Vision API


It seems that NeroVisionAPI.dll can be used to load a Nero Vision Project and transcode/burn SVCDs or Video-DVDs programmatically. It is not described in the Nero SDK (yet ?). Nero Vision API requires the project to be in XML format, however Vision Express saves projects as .nvc files. Is there a way to get at the project data inside the .nvc file ? Any hints would be appreciated.


The documentation of NeroVision API and a sample application will be part of the next NeroSDK, which will probably be released in the next one or two weeks.

No, you can’t get the project data from the .nvc files.

That’s very good news. Thanks for the quick reply !


Please suggest where to find the nerovisionapi.dll, I have nero version 6 and it says it as version 6.3.1 .6 in about Nero Burning Rom in Help menu.

But I couldn’t find nerovisionapi.dll.

Please let me know how can I get nerovisionapi.dll.

thanks in advance.

You have to install NeroVision Express 2 to have access to the NeroVision functionality.