Nero Vision and Vista-- Lost audio in DVR-MS

I’ve always used Nero and I began using Nero Vision to burn the TV shows I recorded in MCE 2005 to dvd (Disney Channel) I recently upgraded to Vista Home Premium and now I’ve lost the audio in the files when I try and burn a DVD. The audio isn’t even in the preview of teh video. The videoas play fine in Media Player and If I convert them to mpg with Digital Media Converter they are fine in Vision but I used to be able to just do it all in Vision. Could I have lost a particular audio codec during the upgrade for dvr-ms files and if so any ideas which one might have to be re-installed. The version of Nero is the 7.7.5(?) and it is Vision 4.something. Thanks for any suggestions or links to solutions. Google isn’t giving me much to work with!

Welcome to CDFreaks, that is shows there is some are of incompatibility between the Nero and VISA. Try to do clean uninstall Nero reboot and reinstall Nero see if that works otherwise you have to start clean installation of both VISTA & Nero.