Nero Vision Problem

Hi, Help, i am using nero nero vison to burn dvds, i have done a few and they are all ok, but now it doesnt seem to work, it burns for a while, and then it says “Burning failed, an error log was created, do you want to save it?” What does this mean, are there any solutions, the films should go on, i have already burnt a few, and this one isnt much bigger/smaller, so it should go, its just the nero. Any help?

I am no expert by any means but when this happened to me I was given these instructions
With DMA not enabled the chances of a successful burn are minimal. Follow this link. If this does not work post the error report and others may know the problem.

Try to:

Empty your your temp directory
Empty your Recycle Bin
Defrag your Hard Drive

You should also save those error logs. Somebody who can read them could tell you what went wrong if its stated in the log.