Nero Vision 5 slideshow pixel question

I am trying to make a photo slideshow Video-DVD with Nero Vision 5 with Vista. At first Nero kept crashing just before the burn process, but then finally it did burn the DVD. In the preview window on my computer, it looked oh-so-lovely. But on the DVD itself the photos have these very large pixels. What in God’s name am I doing wrong here? This is a Mother’s Day present and I’m pulling my hair out with frustration. And as I don’t know much at all about computers, much less making videos, I don’t have a prayer of figuring it out by myself. If you are kind enough to offer help, please use baby terms, so I have a chance of understanding. Maybe I should just glue the photos to a posterboard and play a cassette as background music. :slight_smile:

There are many factors… Are the photo’s high quality JPEG files? Are you using high quality media (dvd’s)? What size screen are you displaying them on when they look bad?