Nero Vision 5 (Nero 8) Problem adding files

Just installed Nero 8 and started to use Vision 5 to work on a project that I started with Vision 4. This immediately highlighted 2 problems;

  1. .mpg (MPEG 1) files that would work fine before now add ok but have no sound

Solved this one by using Magic Video Converter and changed files to MPEG 2 but why did this not work - it worked in Vision 4??

  1. .mp4 video files that added fine to ‘My Media Files’ before in the ‘Make Movie’ screen (using the browse/browse and add to project button) now don’t import the movie file. In fact I think what is being added is the thumbnail that the title window uses. Just a low quality still, not the video. Now if I add all the files in the title screen (Make DVD) instead and select ‘Make Movie’, the proper files are now available in the ‘My Media Files’ window when I go to ‘Make Movie’. Now I know this is supposed to work because this is how the instructions tell you to do it and it appears to be just .mp4’s that have the problem - other files, including the soundless mpg files above add just fine.

Any one have any ideas or experiencing the same?? :confused: