Nero vision 4

i have downloaded new version of nero 7 with nero vision 4, i have try to burn dvd but kept getting a frozen screen, then someone suggested i export the video file in nero to create mpeg file, then burn these to dvd , and it worked brilliant i thought , repeated the same process again, but now the screen just freezes has before. i can still export the files to create the mpeg but thay will not burn any ideas please, very frustrated. thankyou in advance for any help.

I have what sounds like the same problem with the sam nero vision 4, does anyone have answers?

thanks for reply

I have had no luck with nerovision4. I have complained to the nero tech who seem not to understand my problem with it crashing my system anytime I attempt top run nerovision. I have tried the last two updates. My latest response was that there was a conflict with other burning programs on my system – presumably my Roxio7 or BHA7. I have replied that I can use Recode and write a disk and so I doubt there is a problem with burning software. Moreover, I can get it to run on my office computers with similar setups – that have the same extra burning software. Has anyone had this problem (no nerovision but burning works)? Anyone with ideas, otherwise?