Nero Vision 4 transcoding freezes

I was hesitant to start another thread on this issue, but I have read through and applied the advice from similar threads on this topic and still have the same problem. The problem is that my computer freezes during the transcoding of avi files. It could freeze seconds or several minutes into the process. Some key info - I have gone through the article 10 DVD Newbie Tips, applying the memory test, CPU test, ASPI drivers etc.
I am using Nero Vision I have set the Nero DVD Decoder and Video Decoder to low priority using the Direct Show Filter Manager. I have also tried several different avi files, and uninstalling/using the clean tool/reinstalling. I know the avi files are ok because I was able to successfully complete the transcoding on my wife’s pc using Nero Vision Express 2 SE.
I’ve used Nero 6 OEM Suite prior to this and it used to work (the last time I used it was 4 months ago). I can’t say for sure, but I haven’t installed any applications other than windows updates. I’ve also done all driver updates. I thought I would upgrade to Nero 7 and see if that fixed the problem, but it didn’t.

I have attached what I believe is a partial log file. I have spent so long trouble shooting this, I hope that someone can offer some help :slight_smile:



It appears to be a two minute file, and that is the only one right now? Can it be downloaded for testing or not?

I noticed it shows interlaced (bottom field first). Have your tried changing any of the encoding settings to interlaced?


Hi my name is Toni and i have just registered with the site, I can’t even find how to make a new post!! As you can probably tell i’m useless with computers, i only know the basics.I need someone to help !
I have a Lite-on DVD/WR and it came with Nero 6 OEM Suit. I have installed the discs and it seemed to be ok. When i went to burn the program that i had dowloaded via Limewire it came up with TRANSCODING? and a time of 8hrs and 20mins for a 45 min program? this is not right surley? the time was for Transcoding alone, without starting to burn on to dvd. Can you help? I have no idea how to fix this problem and i have been trying to sort it out for months. I would be very very greatful if someone can help.

Thank you

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