Nero Vision 4 title & chapters do not display in standalone player

I am using Nero 7 Premium and burning my video to DVD-R on Windows XP OS on a Sony Vaio VGN-A217M using Nero Vision 4. Everything works fine. I can make titles and chapters for the front of the DVD etc.

But when I play back the DVD in any laptop’s standalone windows media player the information in the view pane is ‘Unknown DVD’ with no Chapter names recorded. The titles and chapters are there and they work but they are un-named although they were named in the creation stage in Nero Vision 4.

How do I burn the titles and chapters using Nero Vision 4 so they are displayed in the View Pane of a standalone player ? I have asked Nero Support to help but I don’t think they understood the problem.

Any clues to what I’m doing wrong?

Is it possible to burn the DVD information from Nero Vision 4 so that it will display in the root menu of a standalone player like Windows Media Player?