Nero vision 4 problems

Hello all, I am having a problem in nero vision 4 where when I selected “Make DVD video” and go to “add files” the program freezes/stop responding after a file is added. Does anyone know what I should do? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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That is the indication that Nero Vision has some conflect with one of program in your PC, try to deactivate any program working in the background.

I recently used this response & it worked (usually does). It’s unfortunate Nero seems to have this high rate of failure/bugs.

Note that the link is for the full version (V7).

Start Over:

With Nero, you should use their “Clean Tool” uninstaller (don’t use add/remove).

Use the trial version and enter your serial number to make it a permanent copy.

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I already tried, this method of using the cleaner tool to uninstall and reinstalling again. However, nero vision 4 freezes all the time I try to add files when creating a dvd video. Any other suggestions or am I doomed?

I tried using .mov files to create a dvd movie and it added the file. I was able to get to the next step with no problem. I read that my video codecs could cause the problem because it conflicts with nero’s codecs. Any way I can work around this? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.

Ok do this: Go to your video card vendors site and download the latest drivers. Install it, reboot your machine and exit all running apps. Now create your movie. Let us know how it goes.