Nero Vision 4 - Please Help!

First timer - so here goes… I recently updated to Nero I transferred a VHS to DVD with my Panasonic DVD recorder (deck). I wanted to add chapters & a menu, so I’m using Nero Vison 4 to “Make an Editable DVD”. When I go to Import DVD from drive, it won’t let me import it. Error reads: “One of the application’s components could not be loaded. Please re-install the application”. I’ve un-installed, clean tooled, & re-installed Nero @ least 10 times! I’ve tried doing it with virus protection turned off. I’ve searched the Nero site - nothing. I thought about re-installing previous version 7 - but can’t find anywhere. Before recently updating Nero, I was able to import the same DVD into Nero Vision 4, add menu & chapters - no problem. Any suggestions? Thanx!

It kind of sounds like a bug/compatibility issue with that version. I would try contacting nero support and see if they can give you a link to an older version and or maybe there is a newer beta version available that has not been publicly released yet.

I’ll do it - thanx!