Nero Vision 4 mpg to DVD poor image quality




I am disappointed with the quality of DVDs I have created from .mpg files using Nero Vision 4. Hopefully someone more experienced than myself can catch something I am doing incorrectly. Here is my project…


I captured video from a digital cable box with a Tevion TV Tuner and Recorder device. This is a cheap USB 2.0 capture device sold through Aldi. The captured video is .mpg files encoded with MPEG-2 according to the settings in the Tevion software. For some information about the .mpg file I opened it with Windows Movie Maker and found:

source file bit rate = 4174kbps
video width = 720
video height = 480
video bit rate = 3950 kbps
video frame rate = 29.97 fps
audio bit rate = 224kbps
audio channels = 2
audio sample rate = 48kHz

If I open the same .mpg file with Windows Media Player it says:

video size = 480x480
audio codec = MPEG audio decoder
video codec = HT MPEG Video Decoder (DTV)

I’m not sure why it reports the video size as 480x480 when Movie Maker reports it as 720x480.

At any rate, the .mpg files look good when played in Nero Vision.


It would be nice to create a DVD able to be played in a standalone player from these videos. Using Nero Vision 4 I add an .mpg file, cut commercials from the video, create chapters, and create a menu. All of this works well. With the Nero Vision project saved I burn the DVD. The transcoding and burning complete error free. but I am disappointed with the video quality when I play the DVD in my standalone player.

My biggest complaint is the splotchy, jumpy and blurred images during scenes of motion. At this point I should mention the videos are stages of the Tour de France bike race, nearly all the footage is fast motion of the race.

Here are the settings I am using to burn the DVD:

Video Mode: NTSC
Nero SmartEncoding: Autmatic and I tried Disabled - same result
Quality Settings: High Quality
Sample Format: Automatic and I tried Progressive - same result
Bit Rate: 8000kbps (automatically set when High Quality is chosen)
Resolution: 720x480 (CCIR-601 D1) (automatically set when High Quality is chosen)
Encoding Mode: High Quality (2-pass VBR)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

For the actual burning I am using 2x write speed.


Any suggestions on how I can improve the quality of my DVDs using Nero software I already have? Do any of the settings look incorrect?

At this point it is a waste of time to burn DVD videos, it is better to watch the original .mpg files on the PC. This would be a major compromise as I am interested in watching DVDs in rooms of my house without PCs.

Let me know if any additional info is needed and thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide,