Nero Vision 4 Missing Menu Options - Help

I do not see the complete menu of burning options in the nero vision 4 startup window. According to the instructions that came with my burner & Nero 7 software, I should see an option to “Make DVD”, but I only get the “Make CD” option. I’ve contacted Nero and they suggested removing some other software & drivers and also using the Cleanreg utility. I’ve done both and it has not helped. I upgraded from my OEM version to the full Nero 7 suite. I entered the new registration number for the full version with no change. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. I am using Windows XP SP2 with a Sony DRU-830A drive. Any ideas would be appreciated.

When you open Nero, On top there is an option to select CD, DVD or CD/DVD. Check which option is selected there.

Thanks for the input. I did select DVD and still do not get that option. :confused:

Then you should check your drive connection. Is this an external drive? Then you should check the USB connection.

This is an internal drive that appears to be working normally according to the Device Manager. It does feel like nero does not recognize the drive though. Could this be a windows driver issue? Nero did come with the drive when I bought it, so it should suupport it… Thanks again for the input.

I have this problems too. I uninstall InCD with InCD-CleanTool and the problems gone.