Nero Vision 4 I/O Error in DVD engine



I get this error: “Error writing the video data: I/O Error in DVD engine. Burn process failed.” Using HP DVD+R Lightscribe 8X media.

My first burn worked but the second one failed at the end and now I get the above error when I burn.

I have BenQ 1655 and Nero 7 s/w. Help and suggestions would really be appreciated.



Here is more info on above —

My first failed burn happened at the conclusion and all of the rest failed at the beginning of the burn process.

Being new to Nero 7 and burning DVD, I figured I’d learn the ropes with a small project so I have linked some AVI and audio files into a small (.77G) movie. The first time I burned it everything worked. Several days later I made some changes to the movie composition – now 8 attempts to get a successful burn has produced 8 coasters on two different brands of disc (HP DVD+R 8X Lightscribe and Verbatim DVD+R 16X)

Looking at the error file the only place I see reference to an error is this:

[16:51:44] DVDEngine _BlockAccessSvc: INeroFileSystemBlockAccess::WriteSectorsUnBuffered() (from: 26368 to: 26416) FAILED with error code 9 (errWriteError)
[16:51:44] DVDEngine

If this in fact the error I’m experiencing, other than as it says a Write Error occurred, does anyone know what it means and what I need to do to correct it?

I don’t think my BenQ1655 is at fault because I can write to it using Roxio Drag and Drop and I can burn the liable side of the Lightscribe discs.

Any help or identifying articles to read or troubleshooting is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Joe