Nero Vision 4 Help!

I just bought a Dell notebook with Vista Home Basic. I installed Nero with serial. When I add VOB file in Nero Vision 4 it bring me back to Nero Start Smart manu. How to fix this?


Have you tried other types of files? Maybe the one you are trying to use is corrupted. What options are you selecting to start your project?

I reported the problem to Nero a couple of days ago. Have not yet received a reply from them. Seems to be a bug in Nero Vision (their latest available update).
I solved it by desactivating the Nero Codec (by renaming the file) and then Nero apparently uses any other available codec on the PC, in my case ffdshow.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe Nero Vision 4 is not compatibal with Vista!
If you have any good news please share with us.

I used General clean tool to uninstall Nero, restart computer, disable Anti-virus, Window Firewall and Window Defander then install Nero Nero Vision not
working… same problem!