Nero Vision 4 giving errors



Hi All,

when I try to input the Video_TS files, it gave me errors when it goes thru the analyzng part. said something about the memory parameter is incorrect. I have 5 VOB’s the first 4 went thru fine but the last VOB file (5) gave me that error. I will try to attach the image but I don’t know how to do it here on this forum. can someone assist me here? thanks


Do you have all of your video without the last VOB file?


Yes I do. But I need to convert that last VOB files to complete the movie. Its a Wedding disc made in China and it was recorded under Pal version so I want to convert it into NTSC. How can I fix this? I tried using Convertxtodvd and it gave me error to it too. said something that it is missing frame and stop after 5mins of converting. what should I do? Help!!! I need to get this converted soon for my Uncle. thanks