Nero Vision 4 - File to large for DVD

Hi all,

This is my first post - I hope someone can help me…

I’m trying to create a DVD project with Nero Vision 4. It contains a movie split over over two avis. Bith around 700 megs each. I have an animated background (the trailer for the film in question) and two trailer avi’s for good measure…

I’ve been making DVD’s in this manner for some time, but when Nero refused to work (problem with exe itself) I reinstalled it… I now find that when I add the movie files and it exceeds the capacity, Nero offers to shorten the project so it will fit on a DVD - No problem… nothing new there.

But after the long transcoding process, Nero Vision is prompting me for a ‘larger format DVD’ because the material is too large for the media provided!

I’ve used this media with NO PROBLEMS in the past… Wierd thing is Nero is stating a DVD should be 4.38 - capacity of a blank is 4.7?!

I tried to change the settings to long plat / standard etc in the video options screen… I’m just lost! Essentially Nero starts a project with the added files BELOW the DVD threshold and then moans the DVD hasn’t enough capacity!


I know there are other apps out there, but I like the way I can tailer make animated menus etc with Nero Vision 4

Thanks in advance!!

Screens of my problem:

I’ll answer my own thread!! - Bug in Nero, burning project to hard drive as workaround.

Nero’s reponse to problem! :

I´m trying to write Over Length writable media, but receive an error message that there is not enough space to burn this compilation. What can I do?

If you record Over Length writable media, you may receive an error message that there is not enough space to burn this compilation. This error is caused by the invalid computation of disk space because Nero 5.5 doesn’t support “Over length writable media (CD-R/RW)”.

But there is a workaround available for this issue: If the following message is displayed in Nero 5.5, you can enable the Over Burning option to record normally.

…I have heard this remedy DOESN’T work from other threads…


Sorry I am somewhat new to this, I have been having the exact same errors as listed above in your screenshots (not enough space to burn compilation) , could you possibly explain the burning to hard drive process?? Does it burn a Video_TS folder than can then be burnt using Nero Burning Rom??

Any help would be appreciated as this error is extremely frustrating.


The workaround should create a Video TS / Audio TS folders to your HD for a conventional player to recongise and play. I’m not 100% certain, but it may output a LARGE size - bigger than the capacity of a 4.7gig DVD. In this event, just use DVD Shrink to reduce it’s size to 4.7

It’s messy but worked for me.

Alternatively just download a newer version of Nero. Bug has been removed as far as I know.

Hope this helps…

This problem briefly went away in the version before, but is back with a vengance. One Avi file was converted into a DVD file 5.91GB way to big for a normal DVD. 4.7GB is a misnomer, there is actually 4.38GB on a single layer DVD; this is due to the difference between decimal and binary number calculations. 1KB = 1024 bytes, not 1000 bytes (decimal).

I am also experiencing sound out of sync with pictures. I have tried using recode to fix the large DVD files, but it does not work.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?