Nero vision 4 error "there are no files to create"

hey guys and gals, ive been useing nero for a long time now and have never had any problem with it untill now, i now have vista on my laptop, but ive had vista and nero useing them together perfectly fine before, untill i had to reformat my computer, so now when i use nero 7 ultra edition “same nero before i reformated” i cant burn, well i cant even load up a movie, .avi, bin files… nothing… everytime i try to load one up it pops up saying “THERE ARE NO FILES TO CREATE” in nero vision…

so if anyone has any idea … and i mean any at all , could you please help me out… i’ve never had this problem before… till now…

Help I am having the same problem, I have tried everything including: the nero clean tool and reinstall of an older version, tried converting the AVI to nero digital mp4 file which was successful, but still get the “there are no files to create!” error when i try to load the MP4 video as well. Please help this is driving me mad!!!

Anyone having this problem??? please help - I’m desperate

anyone having the same problem???

Yep. I’m having the same problem.

I have the fully paid up version of Nero 7 Premium.

At the same time, an another window comes up saying that some files need further analysis, but nothing actually happens. When the Video Titles finally appear in the Project Window, they wont play back in edit (the start button is greyed out) and when I am setting up the menu, I cannot select the scene I want on the button for each video. Finally, none of the movies will play back on Preview. Very frustratiing. I paid a lot of money for a piece of software that is essentially a piece of rubbish!

OK. So this is what I have tried. I have uninstalled, cleaned and re-installed Nero 7 on my computer (well call it Computer “A”). No change, same problems

I have taken the liberty of installing Nero 7 on another near identical computer (Computer “B”). It works perfectly. I have installed it on a third near identical computer (Computer “C”), and it too works perfectly. I have used the EXACT same VOB files in all three tests, “A” doesn’t work but “B” and “C” do. :confused:

I have taken another set of completely different VOB files from “C” and tested them on the other two computers. “A” doesn’t work, “B” and “C” do :confused:

The only thing I have noticed is that even though they are VOB files, when I “mouse-over” them in Nero Vision, the little yellow pop-up window says they are MPEG-2. This is so on all three computers. I am beginning to suspect that computer “A” is missing something (perhaps a codec?) which Nero needs to play them back, but which is not included in the Nero install software. However, the VOB files themselves play back fine straight out of the folder they are in using PowerDVD and Nero Showtime. My next step is to try making a DVD on “A” with some .AVI .MOV and .WMV files and see what happens. I’ll post again when I’ve done that!

The plot thickens!

I thought I would try making a single DVD using 4 different video formats; .VOB, .AVI, .MOV and .WMV. On both computers “B” and “C”, only the .MOV file would not load. Also, the .MOV file would not run on Nero Showtime (Error - corrupt file or unsupported format). I installed iTunes on Computer “B” and now Nero Vision works perfectly

However, I ran into some problems on computer “C”. After installing iTunes, any attempt to make the .MOV file run in Nero Showtime caused a BSOD (Stop Error) with the cuplrit being nv4_disp.dll. I have seen this particular one before, and I believe it was caused by a newer version of Direct X being incompatible with my NVidia Graphics card drivers. Updated the drivers and now, Nero Showtime plays the .MOV file, and Nero Vision works perfectly with all four file types.

Unfortunately, I cannot test computer “A” yet as it is in a different location (home) but I’ll bet my bottom dollar that our problem is to do with one or more missing video codecs or some absent software.

Is there a Nero Expert out there who can tell me whether Nero needs other proprietary software to be installed in order to have access to these codecs.