Nero Vision 4 creates wrong sized DVD

When I use Nero Vision 4 to create a DVD from AVI, it ends up creating a 6+ gig VIDEO_TS folder, when it was supposed to be 3.5 to 4 at most.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.


Try not using the “automatic(fit to disc)” option, set it on standard or long play. I had the same problem and solved it this way.

Alternatively, and possibly a better way, let it do this & then compress to size with DVD Shrink. Takes more disk space obviously but might give a better result in terms of video quality.

NeroVision 4 has been having some big problems with .avi files, depending on how they were encoded. Did happen on just a certain file, or has it been happening on other type of files.

If you go to the edit page in NV4 and hold the mouse in the asset box over the video in question, it will give you specifics about the file. Post back on how it was encoded as far as frame rate and such.

Thank you for the answers!

It happened to two compilations so far, each one has 2 AVIs. I tried setting to Long Play but still the result is way larger than expected.

The files are AVIs (DivX 5.0 video, ac3 5.1 audio).

DVDShrink: great idea, I’m trying it right now.


DVD Shrink worked, but I noticed Nero’s encoding had a few problems (white squares appearing on scene transitions).

I then switched to VSOConvertXtoDVD, which worked very well, preserving 5.1 channel audio.

So you’re now 1 happy bunny. Glad to here it.

i had the same problem so i found out that using standard not fit to disc works fine,if it does not fit on disc use recode or shrink to fit on a 4.7,i dont know why fit to disc is doing this, compression rate must be wrong.

Nero vision uses so called “Enhanced Recoding Process” which oversized the processed file try to use DVD Shrink + Nero Burning ROM as suggested by TimC in this thead.

I tried to change the format from Auto to fit to “Standard” , it makes the audio/video out of sync, how to fix ?