Nero Vision 4 - Audio out of sync

Houston, we have a problem. Every time I try and burn a DVD, audiotrack starts in sync with the video,as it proceeds it slowly starts to drift. By the time 15-20 minutes go by, the audio track is off by a good 7-10 seconds. I have tried to change my capture options, ie; resolution, format, etc. but nothing seems to work. It also does this with any video file that I download from either limewire or morpheus. These files play fine on either Showtime, or Mediaplayer, but not when I go to produce them with Nero. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am using P4 1.7Ghz, 512MB ram, and have enough hard drive space for the project at hand. I used to use Cyberlinks Power Producer, but wanted more editing features. Now that I have them, I can’t burn them properly.

Ok, I’ll give it a shot. I had this same problem. I even tried a couple of different programs. You are probably trying to recode divx encoded video’s. There are other threads in this forum discussing this issue. I believe they say it happens because the person who created the video edited out the commercials and this causes a problem for many programs when they recode to another format. It can be recoded though with the right program.

I tried a forum search but the search function wasn’t working(page can’t be displayed)at the time of this post. You could try again later. If I recall, people suggested different things but it was pretty involved and had you jumping through hoops and d/l other software. What worked for me was ConvertXtoDVD. There is a trial version out there. Good Luck :cool:

Thanks. I downloaded the trial version of convertxtodvd, but I get this “Ad” in the middle of the screen. Any way to get rid of it, besides buying the full version?