Nero Vision 4 and aspect ratios

Hey people. I just joined the site and I want to thank you in advance for any answers I may get. I just started making my own DvD’s. I am partial to computers but just have never gotten into the DvD burning. So I have a couple easy questions that should be straight forward.

  1. Is there an online guide that anyone knows about for the operation of Nero Vision 4? I am new to the program, but I am looking for basic operation as well as some advanced stuff. I will even take suggestions of books.

  2. I have a 42’’ Plasma TV. Nothing fancy, just a 780p. My question is what is the best aspect ratio to burn my DvD’s in? I have burned a few already and they are all wide screen. Is it just safest to leave it up to Nero to decide the ratio that best fits? Or is there a specific one that I would be happier on with my setup?

Thank yah Thank yah -iGnited

Hi ignited:

The link is to the help manual for Nero Vision 4 (and other Nero files).

The screen shot is from their manual. Are you happy with the results when using Nero’s “automatic” setting?

The automatic settings are alright. Sometimes the widescreen ratio is a little small for me, but I don’t want to cut out edges just to get a bigger picture. Thank you for the manual link.