Nero Vision



Don’t know if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find an answer. I captured video onto my computer via an ATI TV Wonder Elite. The video was recorded 20 years ago on a Sony video 8 recorder, model #CCD-V110. I recorded the video to my computer and made a DVD using the video file. My problem is this. I encoded the DVD (Both the entire project and each individual video file I put on the DVD as well as a slide show) in 16:9 aspect ratio through Nero Vision. Only the menus fill my screen when playing the DVD (I have a 16:9 screen). None of the pictures in the slide show and none of the video files play in 16:9 aspect ratio. What must I do to make the DVD fill the whole screen?


So am I clear that you are trying to take 4:3 video and convert it to 16:9?


That is correct. I’m trying to take my existing 4:3 video and make it 16:9 so that it fills my TV


I haven’t read any threads where anyone has had much success doing this. You can try searching “Convert 4:3 to 16:9” at, and see what comes up…


Thanks for the help…I’ll try it