Nero Vision 3 hangs when saving file



Does anyone know why Nero Vision 3 hangs my system when i am saving the file, using the Save button?

The disc want to burn is made up of multiple AVIs, MPEGs and VOB files from my external USB hard disk (H:) and i am saving to My Documents on C:\ just in case Nero Vision throws a wobbly durng the burning process. I have not even made any changes to the files in regards to menu or anything. Just added the files!

I have checked the system to make sure the drivers are all correct, and latest versions.

My OS is Windows XP Pro SP2
2gig ram
Drive C:\ is defragmented and showing 300Gb free out of 400GB
Drive H:\ is also defragmented and showing 157 free out of 250GB

Anyone got any ideas, or should i just get some better software? Hope you can help as i need the video for submission in a final exam!!


Do yuo mean you are trying to burn these avi files from the hard disk to ur DVD using nero vision? At what stage does your system hang? Which save button are you using in Nero vision? Why don’t you copy by copy and paste. Need more info please what you are exactly trying to do.


Im have dragged and droped the files i want to burn to a DVD into the main VE window. Before i do any menu editiing or such, i try to save the comoilation, using the SAVE button at the bottom of the window.

I open Nero Vision
I select Make DVD
I add the files i want to burn/emcode
I then click on the SAVE button at bottom of the main window
Thats when the system freezes.