Nero Vision 3.1.00



When burning some AVI files to image, the process seems to pause for ages. Some others burn straight through.

Other programs seem to have problems with the same AVIs.

Is there anything I can do to ‘fix’ the problematic AVIs?

They always burn successfully, it just takes several hours instead of just over one.



Problem sorted - and I’m not telling


can anybody out there help me on using nero?


welser, you need to give a lot more info than that if you want help.


ok when im burning a dvd or trying using nero express it will burn all the way through up until like a min left then its says that my disk isnt compatible for the compilation or somethin so i’ve tried other cds and it still dont work i jus bought my comp and it came with a dvd writer and nero do i need to purchase anything extra so that it will work?


Is this using the nero recode part of nero vision express?


Hmmm… I Dont Think So Im New Is That What Im Supposed To Use


Are you copying a dvd that needs to be recoded so it will fit on a single layer dvd-r?
You use nero recode to do that. After it has finished recoding you have a video_ts folder and you open nero burning rom.Click on file then new then dvd-video and finally the new button and then drag the video_ts folder from wherever you saved it in recode over to the left hand window (the window that already has a video and audio folder). You can also name your disc with the movie name. Finally click the burn icon.


says that my disk isnt compatible for the compilation or somethin

Need an exact error message to help.