NERO Video Express Image File error?

I have been messing around with this for a week and it is driving me nuts.

After I build my project in Nero Video Express (102 minutes)
the project indicates 4728 in size in the burning screen.

When I go to burn the image of the project to my hard drive,
it finishes all the transcoding of the three video files (3 hours to transcode) and then asks me where I want to save the image. I save it…and

The image file on the hard drive is only 591 megs in size, And it is not because I am out of space!

I burned a DVD of this and it was only 30 minutes long. Everytime I try it again, I get an image file of the same size. It does not make an image file of the whole project.

In addition, although most of the DVD looked great, I noticed some hanging frames on the 30 minutes it did complete.

Nearly ready to go back to Ulead~!

I edited the project down to around 45 minutes as a test and had it run through again. This time it saved the image file as
a more appropriate 1.73 Gigs.

After that, I figured it was fixed. I burned another 102 minute
program. the image file was then 592 Megs, Again!

It doesn’t make any sense. Especially, when these same exact files work in Ulead.


Here I am, replying to myself again.

FYI: I figured out that Nero seems to have a problem burning projects that have video files in them that are 96 minutes long. When I broke the file into two shorter files, it worked right.

Gee it would have been NICE if this was listed in the manual, or the tech support site, or ANYWHERE.

Hope this helps someone else, it has cost me two weeks.