Nero video editing settings query

I have been using Nero (6) over the past two years for extensively editing holiday videos taken on the families camcorders, however even although I have always been extremely pleased with the end result I have a couple of queries regarding default settings.

(1) When importing video from various sources (can be DVD, VOB or mpeg) when whatever is imported and I double click the video bar to check the audio level its always sitting at 33%, which I then have to raise to 100% or maybe more dependant on input, how can I set this to be 100% as default after imports?

(2) When carrying out an editing project, every time I want to add a title along the way I have to reset the font type /size - colour that I have chosen, this becoming really annoying when there may be 10 or so titles involved in longer videos involving place names etc, is there a way to overcome this?

The Nero is Rev 6.65.

I would really appreciate advice on this.