Nero version for Linux available

In case you missed it, Nero is now offering a Linux version. This is free for users who have a full liscense.

More info on

See also NeroLINUX Released at CDRLabs.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am sceptical about this as it uses Motif for interface ( or it would be Java jugding from screenshots ) so its very ugly. I will stick to K3B for now :wink:

A Nero engineer told me that the GUI is in GTK+. Better than Motif…


You say that Nero on Linux is available. Thats a good news,
I didn’t found any link!!!

I tried to download it and it crashed my browser. I went back and put in my serial number again and it said that my serial number was already registered; then offered no way to download the file. What’s the point???


I don’t know much about Linux, but I heard it is made for older version of GTK, whatever that means.

Well, this is certainly good news. Too bad there’s is no way for me to download it, just to give it a try. Will CD Freaks follow this up, maybe with a review?

farmeunit, not for older GTK, but with older GTK (GTK - is GUI kit). Nothing bad really.

That’s a matter of opinion :wink: I think it looks like sh*t. It has advantages, I know (like working on older computers). But now it just looks like Linux GUI hasn’t made any improvements the last zillion years :wink: I’ve tested NeroLinux and it does it’s job. But is has nothing K3B can’t do, so I wonder who will use it. If they put in a nice program to copy DVD-9 to DVD-5 with an easy GUI, then I might take a look at it again.

OK. I’m going to start learning Linux, but waiting for my extra computer back. Does K3B use a GUI? Sorry if I sound stupid on the subject. I’m actually kind of knowledgable in Windows, and Commodore 64s :stuck_out_tongue:

K3B has a very nice and intuitive GUI. If you know how to work with Nero, K3B will be a piece of cake.

But back on the subject, has anyone else tested NeroLinux?