Nero version downloaded: 6 or 7?

I’m a relative novice…

When I saw this page

I impulsively decided to update my OEM package to
But although the file name there is Nero-, the file that actually downloads is Nero-

I installed it (and the other 3 setup programs from that page), and it was a mess. Nero Express didn’t burn, Nero Show Time played very slowly and jerkily, etc. I’ve uninstalled but reckon I still have residual problems.

What version is this please - 6 or 7? Is there a good version newer than my please?

And any basic pointers on how to get back to stability would be much appreciated please. I took a regsitry copy directly before that major update, but restoring it has not got me back to a sweetly running Nero package.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

On the same page at the bottom left it says Utilities. Within there as clean tools which are supposed to remove all references to Nero. Try those.

I’ve just downloaded from the same source & got the correct version. I’ve done a file comparison between this one & one I downloaded & installed sometime ago & it’s definitely OK.

I suggest another dl , maybe they had a link problem on their website.

Thanks Tim. At that page I linked, youl initially get the familiar message ‘You have chosen to open Nero-’. But as soon as the downloading starts a message appears ‘Downloading Nero-’. And that’s what ends up in your download folder. I’ve just tried it again this morning, with the same result I saw last night.

Also, since the original download, I discovered another source of ‘Nero-’, and it is exactly the same size as ‘Nero-’, 34235626 bytes.

So I conclude it’s a naming slip, albeit a potentially confusing one. Given my desperation at the erratic results I described, I was ready to believe it was the completely wrong setup file!

Terry, West Sussex, UK

I did it at the time of writing my post & it definitely said Nero 6 6.0.16.exe. Just doing again right now, same result for me as I got last time. I can confirm that the byte size you quote is as my original dl.

Something odd somewhere here.