Nero Version Diffs



Just Got a Lite-on DVD burner, the 411s, for x-mas.
upgraded to a full install of w2k pro too (from 98se).
This is my situation.
I’ve used nero for a couple of years and love it.
now this program called RecordNow DX loaded
when i installed the burner. can i safetly install my old version
of Nero and use it on the same machine. I only need
the abiliy to burn CDs,crossfade tracks, edit wavs, and
print simple covers. RecordNow doesn’t do any of this.
Should/could i install the highest 5.x version of nero
and would it work w/ my 3yr old serial number?
Does anyone know any link with the differences
in 5.x versions? Anyhelp would be appriceiated.

Found this site two months ago when i was tryin’
to backup some family home videos converted to DVD.
(that’s why i got the burner “can u make me some copies
of these, i’ll buy you a burner for x-mas?”)
anyway this site :bow: rocks!!! :iagree:


If your serial is good for an earlier 5.5 build, it should be fine for, which is the latest (and possibly the last) 5.5 build. You can get from, then use your serial number.

I’ve no idea whether Nero 5.5 and RecordNow DX will happily co-habit - if strange things happen, you’ll just have to uninstall one. You’ll probably be fine as long as you don’t install both InCD and another packet writing program, but there’s no guarantees.



Yeah thats what i figured about incd and DLA (installed by new
suite). i’ll just leave DLA. Is the link a patch to earlier verisons of
5.x or can i just install it stand alone?
thanks for the quick info…


I believe, though I haven’t checked, that the link is a full installer for You should hopefully be able to download and install using just that file.

As you say - you must choose one of DLA and InCD. If you’re happy with DLA, leave DLA and don’t install InCD. Nero itself doesn’t install any filters on the CD/DVD class (InCD installs one as a packet writing program really must). The fewer filters on that class, the better.

Hopefully all will work fine when you add Nero to your system.



Thanks a lot! will do this weekend when i get some time…