Nero Version 5.5 out soon

I just posted the article Nero Version 5.5 out soon….

We have some news about Version 5.5 of Nero Burning Rom.

Nero has evolved into a complete solution to all your CD-Recording needs, and is now the premier CD-R/RW software in the Windows…

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FUCK easy cd creator, use NERO

Yes, I get a free upgrade

Wonder how well it will work with my soon to buy Plextor 12x SCSI burn proof…can’t wait…

And why people use Easy CD Creator is a mystery to me still…must be Adaptec’s marketing tactics…

Nero and CloneCD makes one heck of a great team! who needs Adaptec and their WinASPI file now??? Nero has got its own which is much better!

Add CDRWIN to those above, and thats all you need

I’ve read this somewhere: It seems that Adaptec has infiltrated some ultrasone sounds that will make U think that U only like EZCD!!! So don’t, I tell U, DO NOT use this program!
It won’t only damage your brain, it will also hurt your cdrs!!! (coasters)

Nero is great but sadly they still haven’t programmed their engine to run on SMP machines. Prassi and CDRWIN does a great job combined with Clone CD. Arcraptec really sucks.

Yes … nero does kick some serious ass … !

sounds cool!

OK we all agree that EZCD Creator suckz big time and NERO and CloneCD rule. But like Da_Taxman said; why oh why do people still use Adaptec’s shit? Yesterday I bought my Plextor 12/10/32 IDE and the guy at the counter said; “EZ CD Creator is included” I said: “What are you kidding? Plextor burners do not use that kinda shit!” He said: “Hmmm you could be right… I’ll check… oh yes you are, it comes with WinOnCD…”… :smiley:


how long will it be before nero and clonecd combine to make the all time greatest cdr package…

i cant wait…

Adaptec sucks with their easy cd-creator. Nero rules.

Adaptec sucks sweaty piles of shit. Why won’t this program even print a simple label insert? It wants to get on the internet just to print the label–what the fuck is it looking for on the internet? The index of songs I just burned are not on the internet–is it looking for advertising to shove down my throat or maybe some of those delightful popups? You’re on the window for create cd, LOOKING at the list of songs you burned onto the cd and then you try to go to the window for printing the label insert and the fucking thing will put up a blank label insert unless it can connect to the internet where, by the way, my cd index ISN’T. What the fuck???

Nero just needs to work on their interface design, its pretty weak now compared to adaptec/roxio , not very intuitive, and thats where they’re losing their business even though they have good functionality. :8